Central Virginia's Intellectual Property Law Professionals' Association

The Greater Richmond Intellectual Property Law Association (GRIPLA) is an Incorporated Association with the following objectives:

Encouraging and promoting in the Greater Richmond geographic area the progress of science and the useful and creative arts; aiding in the development of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property laws and the principles of fair competition; maintaining high professional standards of conduct in the community served by the Association and presenting continuing education programs; and fostering good fellowship and communication and to promote social relations among its members.


GRIPLA sponsors the Auzville Jackson Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Richmond School of Law. The Auzville Jackson Award for Excellence is given to a graduating student who has made an enduring contribution to the study of intellectual property law through activities both in and outside the classroom and who shows great promise as a future intellectual property practitioner.

Past recipients of the Auzville Jackson Award for Excellence include: Allison Rienecker (2014), Caroline Fox (2013), Scott A. Bergeson (2012), Megan B. Doughty (2011), Robert Michaux and Randa Zakhour (2010), Heather Walczak (2009), Eileen Geller (2008).

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